Facilities & Services

It’s all there. Expandable laboratories, modular labs, innovative equipment, office space, an entrepreneurial community with practical and business support, meeting rooms, networking opportunities and access to the excellent knowledge on Campus Groningen.

Innolab Agrifood stimulates and supports entrepreneurship, and facilitates innovative initiatives. Besides of offering laboratory facilities, business support is offered in the fields of business development, business strategy, intellectual property and patenting, legal aspects, budgeting, finance and risk analysis.

The laboratory facilities are rented in combination with office space. The laboratory space is rented per unit consisting of three workplaces. The laboratory facilities consist of joint laboratories. The laboratories are equipped and licensed to carry out ML1 biotechnology activities.

Specialized analysis equipment is offered through companies at the Campus, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen to support research. Examples are HPLC, GC, HPAEC-PAD and NMR.

One of the laboratories is equipped with shared equipment such as centrifuges, freezers, incubators etc. This basic set of equipment enables companies to start quickly in the Innolab. Consumables and chemicals are purchased by the tenants themselves.

In the Innolab there is a general room for presentations or meetings.

The Innolab is also suitable for short projects. The laboratories and offices are rented out for a minimum period of a quarter.

The location is on Campus Groningen, where you find yourself in the midst of students, entrepreneurs and researchers, all proud of this meeting place. The Campus is the North Netherlands driver of innovation with its two neighbouring locations; the Healthy Ageing Campus and the Zernike Campus Groningen.

Rent and selection

The minimal project duration is three months, with a maximum up to three years. Innolab Agrifood is hosting companies that bring synergy and cross-fertilization in Life Sciences, Materials, Bio-Based Economy and Circular Economy. New companies are granted laboratory space after careful review of the project plan. Important selection criteria are the research topic, quality, and ambition.  Please contact us for more information.

"All essential ingredients to start a business are present in one place. The knowledge institutions are around the corner, there is interaction with different nationalities and entrepreneurs and local investors offer opportunities to start your own business. What one still needs is motivation and the willingness to take a risk."

Andreas Bastian, AgileBiotics, tenant Innolab Chemistry​