Grand opening Innovation Center and Innolab Agrifood

Innolab Agrifood, located in the new Innovation Center of Avebe has its great opening on Friday September 28, 2018. René Paas, the King’s Commissioner of Groningen, does the honor of opening the new building.

Innolab Agrifood is the second Innolab that opens in the Innolab Groningen formula  on Campus Groningen. In 2014 it became apparent that there was a need for an open environment to work together on Campus Groningen. A place where start-ups can make their good ideas into a reality. A pilot was started to create an open innovation lab for entrepreneurs in the Life Sciences field: Innolab Chemistry.

Now, with Innolab Agrifood, such a place is available for starters and R&D in Agrifood. This new Innolab has everything an entrepreneur needs. Expandable laboratories, modular labs, innovative equipment, office space, an entrepreneurial community with practical and business support, meeting rooms, networking opportunities and access to the excellent knowledge on Campus Groningen.

Innolab Agrifood is proud to be part of the new Innovation Center of Avebe on Zernike Campus Groningen, and is looking forward to years of collaborations and innovations.

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Innolab Agrifood on Lab for Rent

Starting April 2019, Innolab Agrifood can also be found on the website ‘Lab for Rent‘. On this site, companies arrange their available lab